BOOM JO Costs Reduced! Fundraisers await!

We have received a high number of inquiries regarding club cost this year and figured it would be helpful to share prior to tryouts. I am happy to report we were able to reduce our costs with our change in Technical Director and finding other savings.  Isn’t that exciting!  We also continue each year to have 63% or so players reduce costs through fundraisers and sponsors.  We have a fundraiser for all ready to go as soon as the season starts and have one specific to the Elite team (due to extra travel costs).

Elite Travel Club
12 player team $1,700 (3Natls) $950 $475-600
10 player team $1,900 (3Natls) $1,150 $560-700

Elite and high level travel tryouts start on Thursday 11/3 with Open all levels on Saturday 11/5 and Sunday 11/6.  Below is a checklist to ensure you’re ready.  For more information follow this link:

Tryout Checklist:

  • USAV Membership
  • Bring USAV Medical Form
  • BOOM Pre-Registration Form
  • Parent/Guardian must attend 1 parent meeting
  • $20 Tryout Fee

Thank you!