Great Opportunities within BOOM…Directors, coaches…

FROM Director Lisa Foster (soon to be Lisa Reehl)

As a many know I have been a full volunteer as the BOOM Director these past four years and running the club.   The club was started with the goal in mind to elevate the game of volleyball in the State of Maine and provide more opportunities for players.    We also wanted to help families with club costs while still appreciating the value of a good coach.  I am truly proud of all we have accomplished in four years to meet these goals and all the support of our BOOMers and their families.  Anyone that has been part of BOOM should be proud too for it is you that helped us to achieve it all along the way.  To name a few proud moments:
  • Each year over 66% of the players have offset the club costs (sometimes 100% of dues) via sponsorships or fundraising activities.
  • We were the first club to introduce 3 day/week practices all season and have done it each year.
  • We introduced the first Technical Director role in a Maine club allowing for more consistency and communications among coaches.
  • BOOM sent the first and only Maine team to ever participate in the USAV Girls’ National Championship.
  • Each year BOOM has brought in high-level coaches from more experienced volleyball-oriented states (e.g. CA, WS, OH, TN, TX, etc.) to provide more knowledge and insight to help grow Maine volleyball.
  • BOOM has worked with college coaches and had them help coach as well as assist our players with college recruiting.  We are proud of the number of BOOMers that have continue onto college volleyball after club.
  • We were the first Maine club to send a team to four National Qualifying tournaments in a season.
  • Last year our 18-1 team earned Maine’s highest placement in 18 Gold. Second in region of 130 18U teams.
  • BOOM has become organizer and host for the Bruce Churchill Classic – ALS Fundraiser high school tournament raising thousands of dollars for ALS and planning to triple in size this year.
  • Over the four years we have provided private and group lessons for players and provided many clinics for players, schools, adults and coaches.
  • Having BOOM in place has also help raise the bar of others in our state and great strides have been made for Maine volleyball as a result.  This is fantastic as it all comes down to benefiting the players.
Though we are far from perfect and continue to learn I am extremely proud of players, family, coaches, board and what we have done.  I truly appreciate all the help and support along the way.

As I mentioned to some I am getting married soon and starting a new career in real estate that will include business broker and affordable legal services/ID theft protection services.  Continuing to work as a full-time volunteer for BOOM would be difficult and not fair to our clients and community as I focus more on my career and family needs.  We want to continue BOOM whereas options are great for the volleyball community.  I plan to stay involved, however this does present great opportunity for others.   In order to do this we are looking for more community involvement to make this happen and make it your club.

For one we recognize the need to split up duties into a few roles and feel having many directors versus one would be beneficial.  Some of these roles may be broken out more.  Below is what we drafted so far and our intent is to have these roles come with a stipend or club discount.
  • Finance (club dues, vendor payments, etc)
  • Marketing (sponsorships, fundraisers, etc)
  • Communication(newsletters, social media, club documentation, website, etc)
  • Tournament (registrations, hosting logistics, etc)
  • Technical (skills and rules clinics, standards/expectations, etc.)

We are always looking for coaches at all levels, girls/boys, youth and adult.   When our season begins we will also be looking for team reps to help be liaison for parents, coaches and Directors.

Please let us know if you have an interest to learn more or know someone whether they live in the state or plan to move here.  We welcome any feedback and suggestions as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and sharing it.  We look forward to the exciting new venture ahead making us even better!


Lisa Foster (soon Lisa Reehl)
BOOM Volleyball Director
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