The BOOM Mission & Philosophy

hard workHard Work – We understand that greatness in any endeavor is a direct function of our effort. We will develop a work ethic that is second to none, and we will give all that we have mentally, physically, and emotionally. If our ethic falters, we expect to be challenged by our coaches and teammates.

Respect and Trust – As a member of BOOM Volleyball Club we are part of a wonderful and privileged family. We will commit time to create relationships with the members of our team that are profound, based on trust, and at our foundation represent the respect we have for each other. We will say and do things that make our teammates better.

Communication – We will embrace and engage in open, honest, direct communication with our teammates and coaches, even if at times it makes us uncomfortable.  If we have issues with a particular teammate, we will address the issue with them directly, and will be receptive when a teammate comes to us.

Growth Mindset – We will develop a growth mindset.  We understand that mistakes are an inevitable part of our development as a player; we are not afraid of them and we learn from them when we make them. We understand that through being coached we accelerate our development, and we will actively seek feedback and embrace it when given.

Complete Athlete – We will develop habits off the court that are complementary to our efforts as a volleyball player. We will excel as students through diligent work, we will be conscious of our nutrition, and we will get sufficient sleep. We will honor the commitments we have made as a member of BOOM Volleyball Club and represent ourselves and the club accordingly.